What I Do

As a writer and editor, I help clients put words to the stories they want to tell. Whether that’s outlining, writing, or editing a book, crafting and developing online content, writing original blogs, newsletters, or social media captions, editing or refining the words you’ve already written, or simply casting the vision for the story you hope to tell, my job is to help you find the right words to share your story—the one only you can tell— with the world.


The total book build

Looking to write a book? The Total Book Build is for you!

The Total Book Build will walk you through the book-writing process from beginning to end. From outlining your book chapter-by-chapter, to ghostwriting and coaching, to developmental editing and proofreading, the Total Book Build is the start to finish support system for storytellers who are ready to put their words to print.


Proposal & Outline

The process begins with a total outline of your book. We’ll work to define your audience, clarify your message, and identify every chapter and the major details to be included in each for the entirety of your book. The goal is to walk away at the end of the process with the roadmap to follow for writing your book. The outline process is best done in a one-day, one-on-one format, but can be done remotely as well. For those interested in traditional publishing, we’ll begin crafting your book proposal in this step, too.

Ghostwriting & Coaching

It’s time to start writing! For storytellers who want a little extra help in the writing process, ghostwriting provides you the option to let me find your voice and craft the content with you. One chapter at a time, we’ll talk through the content in interview format. I’ll take your words and my notes and turn that into a chapter for you to review! Want to dive into the writing yourself? I know you can do it! I’ll coach you with feedback and direction after each chapter to help make sure you’re writing in the right direction.

Developmental Editing

Once you’ve got your first draft done, it’s time to dive in to refine and define your book. Developmental editing is an in-depth editing process that will leave you with comments, direction, and feedback to help you rewrite and better develop your book. This process will give you as a writer an idea of where you can grow, redirect, or change parts of the manuscript to tell a better story. Once developmental edits are done, you’ll receive the manuscript with suggestions and changes ready for you to work through and apply.

Copy-editing & Proofreading

You’re so close to the finish line! This final step in the editing process will walk your book through changes to grammar and structure. It’s a detailed proofread that will clean up the content and mechanics of the book before you publish. This final round of edits will be returned to you in the manuscript for you to review and accept before finalizing your book for publication.

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Books & Manuscripts

Interested in help with just a part of the book-writing process? All services in the Total Book Build can be done individually. From outline and proposal to ghostwriting and editing services, we can work together in any step of the way.

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Content & Copywriting

Looking for the creation of original content for your website, newsletter, blog, social media platforms, print pieces, or more? I’ll work with you to capture the right voice & find the best words to craft original content to share your story with your audience.

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Development & Editing

Already have content written? Great work! Let me come alongside you to clean up and clear up your work. I’ll work to develop, refine, and edit your content to ensure your message is getting across and your story is being shared in the best possible way.